Young Goodman Brown Symbolism Essay

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The protagonist in the story, Brown, journeyed in the woods where he discovered that his Puritan community is not virtuous.Brown discovered that the entire community including his wife, whom is portrayed as being pure, indulges in sin and therefore Brown s life turns dark due to his loss of hope.Regardless of Brown s uncertainty, the results of the experience leave Brown in the midst of hopelessness. Leavis says that Young Goodman Brown became evil as a result of the sin that he believed he saw when in actuality, the evil was not there at all.

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Brown is not sure that the meeting was reality or merely a dream, and if the people of the town were actually there.

When the ribbons fell to the ground, Brown is left to believe that his Faith has failed him.

Walsh states that the second symbol in, Young Goodman Brown , is Brown s journey into the woods.

Brown then says; With heaven above and Faith below, I will yet stand firm against the devil.

(Hawthorne 272) Then a cloud, symbolic of evil, covers the stars and Young Goodman Brown s hope.


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