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Here, your editor can't upset the delicate balance of not intervening too much or too little.

It's tricky, but a great way to think about it is to remember: editing is about asking questions, not giving answers.

Revision questions should point out: Bad editing is usually very heavy-handed editing.

Instead of helping you find your best voice and ideas, a bad editor changes your writing into their own vision.

This is because what they are adding or taking away tends to be one or two misplaced letters. Proofreading is all about the tiny details, so the ability to really concentrate on finding small slip-ups is a must. Proofreaders need to dot every "i" and cross every "t." Good proofreaders should correct spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and grammar.

They should put foreign words in italics and surround quotations with quotation marks.Sometimes it's hard to tell whether your college essay editor is doing the right thing.Here are some guidelines for staying on the ethical side of the line.If you grow up to be a professional writer, everything you write will first go through an editor before being published. If you are wondering what kind of help you can, and should, get with your personal statement, you’ve come to the right place!This is because the process of writing is really a process of re-writing – of rethinking and reexamining your work, usually with the help of someone else. And in particular, what does it mean for very important, but nonprofessional writing like your college essay? In this article, I’ll talk about what kind of writing help is useful, ethical, and even expected for your college admission essay.This way, you’re less likely to write about the most boring of your ideas, or to write about something that isn’t actually important to you.If you're wondering how to come up with options for your editor to consider, check out our guide to brainstorming topics for your college essay.I’ll also point out who would make a good editor, what the differences between editing and proofreading are, what to expect from a good editor, and how to spot and stay away from a bad one. Editing What Do Colleges Think Of You Getting Help With Your Essay? Advice for Editors Should You Pay Money For Essay Editing? Rather than talking in general terms about "help," let's first clarify the two different ways that someone else can improve your writing.There is editing, which is the more intensive kind of assistance that you can use throughout the whole process.Proofreaders are like entomologists, hunting for tiny specks amidst a vast landscape.A bad proofreader either tries to turn into an editor, or just lacks the skills and knowledge necessary to do the job.


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