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He will reach out to any of the men and women whose heads are still unbowed, who retain the slightest spark of autonomy and who yearn in some form for freedom.

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In this way, he will make the house impregnable from assault by others, for they have nothing with which to threaten him but their numbers. Prometheus and Gaea will live on their mountaintop in peace and security.Summary Equality 7-2521 says that when, in the course of his reading, he first discovered and understood the meaning of the word "I," he wept — he who had never known tears. When he finally lays aside his studies, he calls the Golden One and tells her what he has learned.Her first words on hearing his discoveries are: "I love you." He tells her that the code of individualism requires each person to have their own name to differentiate them from the rest of humankind. He was a legendary hero who lived far in the past, who took the light of the gods and brought it to humans. Additionally, he tells her of a heroine from the legends of the past.He will learn what pride there is in being a human individual.When Prometheus's work is accomplished — when he has read the books, fortified their home, and tilled the soil — he intends to stealthily venture for the last time into the city of his birth.Individuals free to live their lives and actualize their potential — who hold high standards in all areas of life and strive to consistently meet them — are not readily malleable by an all-powerful state. They are independent, living by their own thinking, pursuing their own values, striving for their own happiness.But others taught that they have no right to rise above the herd, that they must seek no distinction, that each is the same as all, such unfortunates will bow and kneel and follow.Prometheus says that here, in the uncharted wilderness, they will build their city and write a new chapter in the history of human freedom.Analysis That the hero and heroine take new names is significant for several reasons.Mandating that numbers follow each name, in amounts running to four or five digits, signifies that each person is only one of thousands bearing the same name, belonging to the same tribe, serving the same group.No one person is unique, unrepeatable, or outstanding.


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