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It is a double edged sword, because a stereotype can prove to be both positive and negative in its usages.One must go back to the origin of the stereotype to understand why and how each individual one was created.For example: the most well know character in Tyler Perry Movies is a grandmother named Madea.

The most common application of a stereotype is on people, but it is quite possible to stereotype objects as well.

In examining popular culture it is useful to understand stereotypes as they directly reflect expressions of beliefs and values.

The movies are not popular to everyone because of the message and encouragement of good morals and family values.

The movies are popular because of the of the advertising and the clips used to make up the commercials showing the actions and reactions of Tyler Perry's customized characters.

Stereotypes are thoughts and ideas perceived about groups of people and their actions. The dramatic assumptions and accusations create stereotypes and their origin.

The most common stereotypes are about race, and people in every race can be judged before they have the opportunity to prove themselves if their stereotypes precedes them.

And it`s also a kind of stereotyping but with a positive meaning.

For example, all we know that Italian wine, Swiss clocks, German cars, Swiss banks are the best ones.

The negative connotation that usually accompanies stereotypes comes from the misunderstanding of a stereotype in itself.

Stereotyping is a natural function of the human and cultural mindset, used in order to simplify and generalize otherwise complex realities.


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