When Is Silence Louder Than Words Essay

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For most of us, going just one day without being able to use our voice is a struggle.

So imagine the determination required by James Aspey, a vegan and animal rights activist, who in aid of raising awareness of the plight of helpless (and voiceless) animal victims, took a vow of silence for a whole year.

When I realised the only thing that was stopping me from doing the vow of silence was the fear that I might fail, or fear of people rejecting my ideas, I knew that they weren’t reasons to stop.

I knew I was doing this regardless, even if every single person I told about it didn’t think it was a good idea.

I thought, okay I need to go big or else I’m being completely inconsistent.

I’m against all cruelty not just some cruelty to some animals.

So my campaign launched at midnight on January 1st 2014. It was amazing actually because not talking you’d think you wouldn’t be able to advocate very well, but almost every single person that I came into contact with throughout the year wanted to know why I wasn’t talking.

I was able to communicate with people through body language, miming or mouthing words, or pen and paper.

I’m not feeling conflicted with some of my fundamental core values anymore.

I value helping others and I value being compassionate and being loving, and lifting people up.


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