What Is A Good Thesis Statement For The Odyssey

What Is A Good Thesis Statement For The Odyssey-7
Helen, Arete, and Penelope are honorable in the sense of being faithful consorts to their husbands, not temptresses of the type. While Circe, a female goddess, certainly has a ferocious aspect, and Zeus must intervene to pry Odysseus away from Calypso, another female goddess, we can see that these don’t really “count” in terms of Homer’s view of human women which is generally favorable.

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We may say that these expressions of her remorse—coupled with Menelaus’ acceptance of her back into the family and her queenly state and demeanor in the palace, indicate that she is no longer to be considered as Paris’ wanton mistress, but as one who has fully and truly returned to her proper place in Greek society and is now to be considered to be a good and loyal woman.

The scene with Nausicaa on the beach and her subsequent modesty in conveying Odysseus to the palace, coupled with Odysseus’ superb correctness, is a wonderful acting out of ideal male-female behavior against a backdrop that is suffused with eroticism.

Let your paragraphing sense guide you in relation to breaking your discussion into coherent and unified paragraphs.

Remember that when you introduce a new concept or subpoint or when your discussion extends more than three-quarters of a page, you should consider starting a new paragraph at some logical point.

Your thesis should clarify what it means to be civilized.

Conclude your essay by evaluating the benefits to Odysseus of his exposure to other societies.

Using the supporting points listed above, divide the body of the essay into major sections by using key words from the thesis to show the organization and development of your ideas.

The major sections can be broken down into several paragraphs by using the literary analysis pattern of generalization, introductory information for a supporting quotation, the quotation of relevant details, and thorough analysis to show how and why the quotation proves and supports the topic sentence and the thesis statement.

Her first speech ends with her identifying Telemachus correctly and expressing remorse at her own downfall, “The boy that hero left/ a babe in arms at home when all you Achaeans/ fought at Troy, launching your headlong battles/ just for sake, shameless whore that I was” (IV: 159-62).

Later on she also expresses remorse and blames “the madness/ Aphrodite sent me” (IV:193-4).


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