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This process is called photosynthesis, which means “making things with light”. During photosynthesis, plant leaves take in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.Photosynthesis takes place inside capsules in the leaf cells, called CHLOROPLASTS. Using the energy from sunlight, this is combined with water drawn up from the roots to make glucose.

Oxygen is also produced by the plant in this cycle, which is then let off into the air!

Have you noticed how clean and pure the air feels when there are plants around?

I mean, if you had to know one thing about photosynthesis, this would be it.

But let's delve a little bit deeper and try to get into the guts of it and see if we can understand a little bit better how this actually happens.

You have these fusion reactions in the sun 93 million miles away, and it's releasing these photons, and some small subset of those photons reach the surface of Earth.

They make their way through clouds and whatever else.Oxygen is also produced in this chemical reaction and exits the leaves into the surrounding air. Palisade cells and spongy cells are located just below the epidermis and are a plant’s main food-producers.The tall palisade cells are packed with green chloroplasts, which carry out photosynthesis.Chloroplasts are made up of stacks of tiny disclike membranes called grana, held in a dense mass of material known as the stroma.The grana are where water is split into hydrogen and oxygen, using some of the light energy captured by the chlorophyll.So these two things are key for life, especially for life that breathes oxygen.So this process, other than the fact that it's interesting, that there are organisms around us, mostly plants, that are able to harness actual sunlight.Chloroplasts contain a green, light-capturing pigment called chlorophyll.This chemical helps the chloroplasts to act like minute solar panels.If you're behind a web filter, please make sure that the domains *.and *.are unblocked.Let's talk about one of the most important biological processes.


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