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Raised incidence of low birth weight births has been related to residence near landfill sites, as has the occurrence of various congenital malformations.

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Containers and packaging include products such as corrugated boxes, milk cartons, and bags and sacks (See the definitions of nondurable goods and containers and packaging for more information).

This web page is a brief summary of paper and paperboard material-specific data.

The potential health effects of both waste itself and the consequences of managing it have been the subject of a vast body of research.

This chapter gives an overview of waste, waste management processes, and the research into health hazards associated with these, discusses the limitations of studies to date and outlines some future developments and challenges.

EPA will release the remainder of the 20 data later in 2019.

In 2017, paper and paperboard (cardboard) materials comprised the largest component of municipal solid waste (MSW).

The total amount of paper and paperboard combusted in 2017 was 4.5 million tons.

This was 13.2 percent of all MSW combusted that year.

Whatever the waste management option, it is generally the case that: (a) there are usually a large number of different substances; and (b) only a few of these are produced in any quantity with many being at extremely low levels.

Gases emitted from landfill sites, for example, consist principally of methane and carbon dioxide, with other gases, such as hydrogen sulphide and mercury vapour being emitted at low concentrations, and a mixture of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) comprising approximately 0.5%.


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