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When playing video games, the coordination and concentration can physically, socially, and mentally benefit the user.Research today shows that certain video games can reduce fat and therefore promote weight loss....

He's done a couple of 'essay' videos about Morrowind and the Elder Scrolls series in general, and I found them quite interesting, as an Elder Scrolls fan.

"Points two fingers at a videogame logo", Whatever you watch don't watch cleanprincegamming dude is a hackfraud and youtube algorithms love him.

Secondly, getting a good education is that best thing that you can do for your future.

If every teenager cut down on their gaming time by 30 minutes per day and used this time to study, the whole of that generation would achieve better results and be more likely to have the career that they want.

Some people have argued that video games are linked to violence.

However, new research shows that video games can be used for therapeutic purposes, exercise, stress relievers, positive interactive learning, hand eye coordination, and different types of patient treatment for people all around the world.However, you can’t beat face-to-face contact, and if you want to succeed in interviews and build good relationships in later life, you need to develop some proper communication skills.This shouldn’t be a chore, or difficult, because hanging out with friends is far more fun than sitting indoors playing on games all day anyway!Ahoy is great and definitely try to check out Cool Ghosts Matt Lees is alright. His essay on Planescape Torment, as well as the Far Cry and Call of Juarez series are all excellent, as is his Travelogue going through the American Midwest in a VW van.It's not so much an essay as an exhaustive examination, and it goes a bit off the rails once it stops neatly following the progression of the game's story to explore the side content and DLC, but Aegon of Astoria's Let's Talk Lore series on Bloodborne is one of the few non-Giant Bomb, Youtuber type things I've ever watched a single episode of, let alone soaked up excitedly from start to finish. he has into that game's lore just based on item descriptions, environmental detail, level design and character garments/placement; I haven't even beat the game myself but I had to let him spoil the end of the game for me just to see how he'd wrap everything up.Hi all, I was wondering if people had good recommendations for solid and interesting video-essays on video games. Women, and I'm wondering if there are others that people would recommend (doesn't have to be gender-related, but the more intellectual the better). There's a channel on You Tube called Sorcerer Dave. His essay on Planescape Torment, as well as the Far Cry and Call of Juarez series are all excellent, as is his Travelogue going through the American Midwest in a VW van.This doesn’t have to mean going for long runs if that’s not your thing; team sports are both fun and great exercise.Dance or fitness classes are also a good option for those not into sports.Teenagers today often spend a great deal of time playing video games.These games are fun and engaging and young people often feel like playing games is a great thing to do in their spare time.


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