Verbal Bullying Thesis Statement

They may be trying to get attention, whether from their peers or from adults, or they may be angry about something that is happening in their own lives. The term is used to describe bullying online, often via social media, and generally consists of unpleasant comments and derogatory remarks posted publicly online.Cyberbullying can, however, also include posting photos, whether real or photoshopped, or creating fake accounts in someone’s name, for example, to offer sexual favours.For example, if it is a group of men asking a woman about the size of her breasts, would it feel OK if they were saying the same things to a man they didn’t know about the size of his penis? The reasons why bullies bully are complicated and varied.

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Cyberbullying is a serious problem, and just as damaging as ‘real world’ bullying. There is more about how to cope with bullying on our page Coping with Bullying.

If you are being bullied at work, our page on Workplace Bullying may also help.

Some people may have a friend or loved one who has been a victim of bullying and considered harming themselves or others due to the embarrassment caused from the predator.

What people fail to realize is bullying puts strain on more than one person and what maybe set out to be a joke is more than able to transpire into a tragedy at the drop of a dime.

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Bullying used to be thought of a playground hazard, perhaps even an essential rite of passage.

Mercifully times have changed and there is increasing recognition that bullying can affect anyone, of whatever age, from childhood to adulthood, and that it makes lives miserable and unpleasant.

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