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Second, they formed a union of thirteen states, which was also unprecedented, for the colonies had long histories of bickering with one another.Third, the revolutionaries committed their new states to a republic, then a radical and risky form of government.Today, we celebrate the Constitution as if it put the nation on autopilot to greatness.

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Like the ancient republic of Rome, they had collapsed and reverted to some form of tyranny, usually by a military dictator.

Any one of those three gambles was an enormous risk.

His vice president, John Adams, had a genius for political theory.

The new Cabinet included Alexander Hamilton, high-strung but the leading financial genius in the nation, as well as the mercurial Thomas Jefferson, who served as the secretary of state.

The first constitution of the United States was the Articles of Confederation, adopted in 1781.

It proved too weak to control the powerful state governments.The gentlemen concluded that the state governments were too democratic, which meant too responsive to public opinion.And when a rare state government did favor the creditors, it provoked resistance from armed farmers.Unable directly to tax people, the confederation lacked its own revenue and could not afford an army or a navy, or even to pay the interest on its massive war debt.American Indians defied the confederation, and the Europeans insisted that no republic could endure on such a big geographic scale.The laggard two would join within the following three years, once promised a bill of rights to amend the Constitution.Brief and often vague, the US Constitution left much to the interpretation of the leaders who implemented the new government.When the newly elected Congress and President gathered to implement the Constitution, the federal government benefitted from extraordinary leadership at the top.The dignified president, George Washington, was revered for commanding the Revolutionary army to victory over the mighty British.The miracle was that the revolutionaries pulled off all three of them, winning their war against the British, and securing a generous boundary in the peace treaty of 1783: west to the Mississippi, south to Florida, and north to the Great Lakes, with the Atlantic Ocean as the eastern boundary.During the mid-1780s, however, the new nation seemed about to collapse as quickly as it had been created.


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