University Waterloo Scholarship Essay

University Waterloo Scholarship Essay-13
Part B: This is where you talk about any special circumstances which may have affected your academic performance (note: this is optional).

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Note: taking a high school programming course is sufficient.

If you’re interested in being considered for an Engineering scholarship, tick off the box.

Part C: Basically fill in information about your courses and grades.

If you’ve taken courses outside of your day school such as in night school, summer school, online, or a private school, you’ll have to provide a reason.

As the website states, your teacher does not have to do anything at this time, but may be contacted by admissions personnel to provide a reference.

Professor Bill Anderson wrote about the process and scoring of the AIF, so check out his post here.September 2018 update: Check out my new up-to-date post on ‘How to get into Waterloo Engineering.’ I applied to Waterloo and submitted my AIF exactly one year ago.Two months later, I received an offer to my top ranked program in the “early” round of Waterloo Engineering offers.Just take a look at the graph below (taken from Professor Bill Anderson’s blog).Over 1300 applicants with 90% average were not offered admission.In this round, about 30% of the offers were handed out and Software Engineering applicants had averages of mid-high 90’s.For example, one of my friends had a 97% average, but did not receive an early offer.Although my average was 3-4% lower than his, I was admitted into the program.This example just shows how important the AIF can be.For most programs at Waterloo, it is strongly recommended to fill out the admission information form (AIF).By the end of this post, you guys will learn how the AIF may be the difference between an offer and rejection.


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