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With all the things you have going on as a student, writing a paper can seem like a daunting task.

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There are two types of research that can be incorporated into a paper: primary and secondary.

Most students rely heavily on secondary research, which involves looking at other people’s thoughts on a subject, either in books or on the Web.

Once the research has been completed, you must look at the data and draw conclusions about the results.

This type of research calls on the essay writer to observe and document a specific phenomenon.

Make a list of three strengths and weaknesses you have as a writer.

Be mindful of the pitfalls and confident about your high points.Because the Internet is the most accessible avenue for information, it is the place most students start. There are several ways to determine the credibility of your Internet sources. Print sources are the most traditional form of research paper sources.Look at the credentials for the author of the piece. Books, journals, newspapers, magazines and textbooks are all print resources that typically are found in libraries and bookstores.So, here it is, step-by-step: Now, let’s take a look at a sample assignment.Say you have to write a paper for your Linguistics class.It’s completely unfair to assess a student if the student doesn’t know what’s expected of them. Once you have that rubric and assignment sheet in hand, you’re ready to discern the things your prof will look for when grading the assignment.This means you can begin with the end in mind, crafting the paper around what you know the prof wants to see.Let’s take it section by section, one directive at a time. Go through and find the concepts the prof wants you to cover in the paper. Lord love ‘em, but professors are notorious for giving more information than necessary or saying more than what needs saying, so do your best to boil the assignment down to the essentials with your highlighter: Take note, these macro concepts are often suggestions, not commands. These are the items that must be included in the paper for you to get a good grade.They are the prof telling you how to be impressive, clear, or to raise your grade through a demonstration of your wits and knowledge. Usually they are very specific: Clearly, if your paper uses first-person pronouns, it will irk the person giving you the grade—probably best to stay away from that.Ask a librarian for help if you are having trouble finding print sources that apply to your topic.If you are writing about a topic that directly affects people in your community, including interviews in your research paper will add credibility and immediacy to your argument.


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