Tutankhamun And Other Essays

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These sources suggested the roles of the pharaohs, which were to conquer, to be seen as a hunter and a living god.

The various sources that provide evidence, such as furniture, boxes, the basic funeral equipment, jewelry, statues and sculptures, which were found in Tutankhamun's tomb, deduced about the role of the New Kingdom's pharaohs.

It is likely that his tomb was built for someone else and was used to bury the young Pharaoh when he died unexpectedly.

This may have helped to keep his tomb hidden from thieves for all these thousands of years.

A few years later Tutankhamun married his sister (which was common for Pharaoh's in Ancient Egypt) and became Pharaoh.

Since he was so young he had help ruling the country.- What would you state as the most baffling mystery in Egypt. It’s still a mystery that scientists, archaeologists, and Egyptologists are still unsure of the answer. But in my opinion, it’ll be the mystery of King Tutankhamun’s death.The 11th pharaoh of this time period is called Tutankhamun, a young boy who established on the throne at the age of 9.Tutankhamun's own life brought little achievements, as he reigned only for 9 years.The New Kingdom is often called the 'empire' of Egyptian history.The Egyptian ruler undertook the vast military expansions both in Asia and Sudan.During this period, senior officials mainly governed Egypt.But the excavation of his tomb by Howard Carter in 1922 made him the most famous symbol of the mysterious rites, practices and lifestyle of the ancient Egyptians.The capital city was also moved back to the city of Memphis.He even changed his name from Tutankhaten, "the living image of Aten", to Tutankhamun, "the living image of Amun".


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