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During the unknown, or almost unknown, middle of his life he had friends of the kind most congenial to him; and both in his time of preparation and his time of production in literature, he was able to indulge his genius in a way by no means common with men of letters.If his wish to die in a certain manner and circumstance was only bravado—and borrowed bravado—still it was granted; and it is quite certain that to him an old age of real illness would have been unmitigated torture.But that she must have been either a very silly, a very stupid, or an excessively callous person, appears certain.

Even if we admit the ghastly stories of the fate of his remains, there was very little reason why any one should not have anticipated Mr.

Swinburne’s words on the morrow of Sterne’s death and said, “Oh!

brother, the gods were good to you,” though even then he might have said it with a sort of mental reservation on the question whether Sterne had been very good to the gods.

Nemesis, for the purpose of adjusting things, played him the exceptionally savage trick of using the intervention of his idolised daughter.

For my own part, I do not hesitate to say that I do not think letters of this kind ought to be published at all; and though it may seem paradoxical or foolish, I am by no means sure that, if they are published, they ought to be admitted as evidence.

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That which is not written for the public, is no business of the public’s; and I never read letters of this kind, published for the first time, without feeling like an eavesdropper.1 Unluckily, the evidence furnished by the letters fits in only too well with that furnished by the published works, by his favourite cronies and companions, and by his general reputation, so that “what the prisoner says” must, no doubt, “be used against him.” It may be doubted whether it was accident or his usual deliberate fantasticality that made Sterne, in the well-known summary of his life which (very late in it) he drew up for his daughter, devote almost the whole space to his childhood.

The term “identity” is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “blah blah blah”.

This concept can be viewed as personal and individual to one’s self, and is distinguished as an umbrella term to attributes such as; consciousness, heritage, name, appearance, and the soul.

Whereas Tristram fictitiously titles his novel The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, the novel itself includes very minor detail of the protagonist’s recollected life and instead he draws more focus upon the events involving the supporting characters of the novel, and instead surrounding his earlier childhood.

These, however, allow Sterne to identify the early developments of Tristram’s individual identity through hereditary and social influences upon his personality.


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