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Thus, in this case, the conflict is presented as a crisis situation with implications for healthcare costs and the health of U. I like to think of it as the hero swooping in to save the day.In the above example, the problem has been clearly presented in the first three sentences.

Thus, in this case, the conflict is presented as a crisis situation with implications for healthcare costs and the health of U. I like to think of it as the hero swooping in to save the day.In the above example, the problem has been clearly presented in the first three sentences.Moreover, as Jerry tries to complete the challenges he sets for himself he learns to confront failure and to overcome the physical and psychological obstacles that he meets.

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It is an imaginative process between the composer and responder that invites us, as the audience to engage vicariously with the experience of others.

The power of storytelling can create connections between people and allow individuals to find their inner self.

The results of this study may assist human resources personnel in medical schools with the development of programs to improve recruitment and retention of novice clinical faculty. The Setting In a research report, the setting is provided by the background information, which is drawn from the scientific literature.

The reader needs to understand the overall problem and how the research topic addresses the problem.

In the present study, the factors related to successful recruitment and retainment of clinical faculty were investigated by exploring the lived experiences of novice clinical faculty during the role transition from clinical practice to clinical educator.

Three common themes associated with positive role transitions were identified: orientation, training, and ongoing support.

Despite a steady increase in medical school applications, student enrollment is limited due to a shortage of clinical faculty.

Previous studies have identified high turnover rates among clinical faculty as a major challenge for medical schools.

The importance of the study is emphasized by connecting the gap in knowledge to the broader problem: the shortage of family physicians. The Character Once the background (setting) has been presented and the reader is made aware of the conflict, it is time to introduce the main character: the study.

Importantly, the consequences of the present situation are clearly identified: emergency rooms are being taxed by visits from patients who would be better served by a family physician, and family physicians often engage in preventative health measures to further reduce the need for hospitalization. The study should be introduced to the reader as the solution to the conflict.


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