Thesis Statement For Being Against Euthanasia

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If placed in the terminal disease situation, opponents to euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide would not want to spend their last days on earth suffering or even eventually becoming a vegetable.

“The ingestion of a controlled substance in order to accelerate death may spare the terminally ill patient much suffering, both physical pain and the anguish that, for some, accompanies helplessness and dependence,” (Dick and Lindsey).

In places where euthanasia is allowed, it is only legal when it is voluntary active euthanasia, or the intentionally administering medication or other interventions to cause patient’s death at the explicit request and with fully informed consent.

Physician-assisted suicide is suicide by a patient facilitated by means (as a drug prescription) or by information (as an indication of a lethal dosage) provided by a physician aware of the patient’s intent (Merriam-Webster).

For terminally ill patients, this is an outlet for their suffering in life, which is very advantageous to the person.

Euthanasia and physician- Hughes 2 assisted suicide should be legalized for all terminally ill patients who have these options available to them.Radiation treatments for cancer cause patients suffering from that disease to experience a great deal of pain also.Sometimes the pain from terminal illnesses or diseases is too unbearable for the patient to want to live, and they want to be released from the illness’ painful clutch.However, Oregon residents have a peace of mind knowing that if it came down to needing physician-assisted death, they would have it available (Dick and Lindsey).For doctors, a main concern with euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide (PAS) is the Hippocratic Oath taken in medical school, which says to do no harm (Rogatz).The issue of legalizing euthanasia and/or physician-assisted suicide has created a large debate among many people throughout the world including residents and medical professionals.There are many pros to the legalization, but many people are also strongly against it and think it would cause more problems than it would solve.There are many arguments against euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide.A loss of trust between the ill person at hand and the doctor treating them is a small one.Hughes 5 Euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide are personal decisions that should be made when life for the patient is unbearable.Overall, it is a positive choice for terminally ill patients and is sometimes a better option for them than living.


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