Thesis On Safety And Health

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High levels of complaints from customers – lower quality of products or services delivered to customers would make them unhappy.

Loss of customers and subsequently lower revenues – if the quality of the production isn’t addressed it can result in a loss in the customer base and later loss in revenues because of lower sales.

Human resources are one of the most important features of many businesses.

A business’ success relies heavily on the effectiveness to which this resource is managed.

It is often said that, “the health of a nation is the wealth of a nation” (Fraser, 2004), the same concept applies to business.

Thesis On Safety And Health Religion Research Paper Introduction

The health and safety of a company’s human resource is an enormous contributor to the success of that business.

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Firstly, on a national level occupational health and safety is instituted in accordance with legal regulations that were created by legislative decisions and is enforced and monitored by agencies such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), for the U. Also, from a corporate standpoint, the health and safety standards of the company can be establish by the declaration of it in the Company’s general worker manual and/or in the separate manual set aside for clearly laying out, the standards by which the company seek to keep its work environment and the people that use it safe and healthy.

A more informal, but still an effective method is employee observation.


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