Thesis On Impact Of Climate Change On Food Security

Thesis On Impact Of Climate Change On Food Security-16
Many of these areas are found South Asia which has one of the highest levels of chronic undernourishment and will thus be exposed to the highest degree of instability.The effects of climate change differ highly according to the placement of the nation within Asia.

Changes in agro-ecological conditions will have economic and sociological impacts, forcing many to relocate and find alternative employment due to deteriorating crop yields.

As a result, consumption habits of these people will too alter.

It goes without saying that the continent is vast and regional diversity is significant.

In South Asia, for example, as reported by the Asian Development Bank, climate change will likely bring a substantial reduction in aggregate crop production.

GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION & INFORMATION The Solomon Islands is located between latitudes 5o South and 12o South and longitudes 1520 East and 1630 East in the Pacific Ocean, encompassing a total land area of 28, 785 square kilometres (km-2) and an Exclusive Economic Zone(EEZ) of 1.34 million km-2.

The land area of the Solomon Islands consists of a double chain of six large islands that make up total 997 islands.

It is thought that malnutrition will be specifically evident in the Pacific Islands.

The islands, unequivocally areas of outstanding natural beauty and with themselves very small carbon footprints, present a very sad potential example of who will be the first and very real victims of climate change.

‘s ‘Feeding Asia’ series we have looked at the impact of population growth on food security as well as maximising cold chain efficiency in India.

In our latest instalment, we consider the potentially exponential impact climate change could have on both global and Asian food security.


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