Thesis On Behavior Modification

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However, the study was limited to participants from intact family structure while the duration of three months was short and did not allow long term evaluation. The alternative care includes behavioral modification in the form of reinforcements and rewards systems which can be used by teachers and parents.

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurobehavioral developmental disorder that is associated with hyperactivity, inattentiveness, impulsivity, excessive motor activity and distraction. ADHD is diagnosed in childhood from the age of seven and adolescents and most adults with the disorder link it to their childhood where it was either noticed or ignored.

The causes of ADHD are not established concretely in research studies although it is linked to genetic, hereditary or biological factors as well as environmental and social factors to a certain extent.

They suggest the need for staff to be updated with medical research with behavioral interventions in the classroom of antecedent based strategies such as modified lengths of assignments, posting of rules and peer tutoring among others, and consequent strategies based on reward systems and reinforcements as well as academic interventions. Rates of adherence to pharmacological treatment among children and adolescents with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder(2), 225-231.

They suggest the establishment of a support system for children with ADHD which includes increased time during testing, preferential seating in class, choice of a quiet place for testing purposes and increased length of assignments. The author of the article is Ibrahim El-Sheikh, a psychiatrist based at the King Fahad National Guard Hospital in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.

The child was subjected to behavior modification together with medication for the next year with the medication based on the prescription of the doctor.

The behavior treatment was based on the drafts of the doctors and experts with major techniques being punishment and skillful reinforcement.

They report that educators spend much time dealing with students with special needs such as children with ADHD.

The article suggests that medical and psychosocial treatments help but responses to medication vary with individual differences hence requiring monitoring.

The research involved a total of 51 children and adolescents of ages 7 to 16.6 years diagnosed with ADHD.

The research entailed interviews and the checklists provided to the parents and teachers for compliance. The author of the article is Logan, a lecturer on depression, learning, nutrition and behavior at the Harvard medical school.


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