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It enhances the previously used business models by offering a global audience, unlimited product selection, portal sites that refer consumers to the actual purchasing site and it focuses in marketing that can be quickly tailored to consumer.

The E-business can also be understood as a process, because it is the transformation of key business processes through the use of the Internet technologies.

E-commerce is often used in a much broader sense, to mean essentially the same as “electronic business” (EB).

This includes for example, buying and selling products with digital cash via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

The implementation costs for the technologies required excluded small businesses until the emergence of the Web electronic data interchange (EDI) that, through the use of web technologies, allows them to join in.

The Business to Consumer Electronic Commerce (B2C EC), which is a new retail sale model: the web market.Also, electronic data interchange (EDI) that refers to a particular family of standards for expressing the structured data that represent E-commerce transactions; and electronic auctions which is a particular set of mechanisms that help in the setting of prices.E-commerce can be understood as a system designed as an online storefront that manages orders and inventory, processing transactions, where people can buy and sell goods and services, including sports, computers, hobbies, antiques, electronics, books, music, automobiles, holidays and much more, all around the world.The electronic data interchange (EDI) has been the primary standard that has been used.It has typically been applied through the use of a Value Added Network (VAN) in which companies are able to do business on line after obtaining the membership to a particular Value Added Network (VAN).Examples of Electronic Business that are not E-commerce include registration and licensing processes, student enrolment, and court administration.E-commerce encompasses many areas, which include electronic catalogues that refers to means whereby sellers can communicate their offerings to potential buyers.Sensing the necessity to be wise and honest in order to succeed, he flees vice, or at least his demeanor exhibits decency and seriousness so as not to arouse any adverse judgement on the part of present and future acquaintances; he would not dare make a spectacle of himself for fear of damaging his credit standing, and thus society may well avoid a scandal which it might otherwise have to deplore...A dealer is afraid of losing his character, and is scrupulous in observing every engagement.But even Smith's self-interested and calculating market agents are sociable ones: they exchange, and perhaps they cheat--they don't kill, rape, burn, and steal.Which is odd, given that fifty years before Smith was born not far from his house there were lots of people who saw others not as potential partners in acts of mutually-beneficial commerce but instead as either (i) clan allies, (ii) clan enemies to be killed, or (iii) strangers to be robbed.


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