Thesis In 3d Cadastre

Thesis In 3d Cadastre-30
In this case the only way to clarify the status of the ownerships and to visualize the position of the properties, is 3 D registration and representation.

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how to establish property boundaries other than traditional 2D parcel boundaries?

what rights can be used and how can these rights be used?

This digital workflow would determine what the 3D Cadastre needs from a 3D IFC BIM and the process of extracting it in addition to exchange requirements.

Foundations, however, would need to be laid in order to facilitate this process.

Cadastral framework: once the legal status of property in 3D situations has been established and described in deeds and in field works that are archived in the land registration, the next issues are how to register the rights and restrictions to property (bounded in three dimesnions) in the cadastral registration and how to provide information on the legal status of 3D property situations?

Technical framework: what system architecture (computer hardware, software, data structures) is needed to support cadastral registration in 3D situations? Traditionally, cadastral registrations consisted of a set of cadastral maps containing cadastral parcels with (mostly) unique parcel numbers and a paper archive in which property information on parcels was maintained.

This means that while a workflow detailed in Building SMART’s Information Delivery Manual (IDM) may be useful within the complex collaborative environment of a BIM project, it is not something which would be standardised within the international Land Administration community.

Having said that, communicating the extraction process to the building world in their own lingua franca could be beneficial.

Since the end of the last century cadastral registrations in developed countries have been converted from analogue cadastral registrations into digital registrations.

Spatial information on parcels is no longer maintained on paper maps but in GIS and CAD or even more sophisticatedly in spatial DBMSs.


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