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Communication is a two-way process where an exchange of ideas, thoughts, and emotions takes place through verbal or nonverbal signals.In nursing, communication is important because it determines the outcome of patient-nurse interactions.

Active listening starts in the introductory period when a nurse begins interacting with the patient.

This technique requires nurses to use their senses and attentiveness to analyze verbal and nonverbal communication with conscientiousness to a patient.

By engaging in effective verbal and nonverbal communication and adopting therapeutic communication techniques, such as conflict resolution, active listening and imparting information to the patient, better patient health outcomes can be achieved. We have over 200 college courses that prepare you to earn credit by exam that is accepted by over 1,500 colleges and universities.

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One of the key features of nurse-patient interaction involves the nurse imparting information to the patient in a non-intimidating manner.

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Nurses must devise individualized interventions that mitigate fears and provide emotional support and empathy toward patients.

Communication would not be possible if any of these components are absent.

Communication is done every day through a linear process.

The following example demonstrates the importance of patient-centered health education.

Giving information in a therapeutic way makes sure the elements of shared decision-making and informed consent in a nurse-patient interaction are present. Therapeutic communication (TC) is a process where communication techniques are being used to promote the wellbeing of a patient in a nursing care profession.


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