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Dimmesdale is the character in the Scarlet Letter who commits the adultery with Hester, however only Hester’s crime was made public and Dimmesdale’s identity was never revealed.Dimmesdale is confronted with emotional dilemmas as well as physical pain due to his psychological state for his wrong doings that he commited.

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This new attitude in presenting the female character is an outcome of different discourses that collaborated in drawing the attention of particular writers to see women with new perspectives.

The study deals with Hawthorne's deviation in the depiction of his female character.

more Raymond Williams's concept, 'structure of feeling,' refers to the way new generation feels life and shapes its creative response in a new structure of feelings.

This concept can be understood thoroughly by analysing Nathaniel Hawthorne's female character, Hester Prynne.

The ego comes into play by the societies actions towards Hester; she is now trapped with selfishness of human nature.

Even though she is allowed in people’s homes and appreciated by the families inside, she is greatly avoided and hated on the street.Others begin to respect her for her care and work towards others, but it is still very difficult for to be forgiven completely as she is rejected by everyone public; Although the community will welcome her inside their homes for her services when they are in need.However, with all the negative attention brought upon Hester, she will be able to make an alteration in who she is due to her powerful personality, and with time society views the “A” now as a good thing rather then something bad which represents the love demonstrated in the quote above.The way the Puritan society portrays Hester is as one who should be punished severely for her actions, not as a mother with a new born child.Hester, herself feels as if she has to face the consequences and live the rest of her life in shame, she begins to feel that she owes the community in return for her actions and becomes a nurse to many around her.The ego that the community faces is the fear what others think of them and how they might act towards someone who is candidly welcoming to Hester.Hester has to face the selfishness of another character and from that she endured a great deal of struggle.Nathaniel Hawthore is trying to prove to the reader using Dimmesdale’s actions that one’s selfishness doesn’t always protect you, but it actually brings pain.The author also applies this quote to human nature and the Puritan society.Unveiling these facts shows how Hawthorne's 'structure of feelings,' caused by different discourses, has provoked him to present Hester with some deviation from her counterparts.Hawthorne had given much weight and emphases to his female character that no American writer has ever done.


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