The Little Prince Book Report Summary

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It is the time and care he takes with "her" that makes her special to him.

The novel follows the prince through an encounter with a businessman, a snake, a king, a fox and more.

The lack of enthusiasm for his work, coupled with the total failure of grown-ups to comprehend it, is so disappointing to the author he stops drawing altogether.

When he finds himself stranded in the Sahara many years later, it is with some irony the first request he receives from the little prince, who has appeared out of nowhere, is: "If you please--draw me a sheep!

In the end, therefore, it is fitting that it is the pilot who learns more from the little prince than he is able to teach the boy, in spite of the fact that throughout the book the boy is asking most of the questions. never in his life let go of a question, once he had asked it." When the story ends, the little prince has chosen to leave earth and return to his planet.

This point is emphasized on at least three separate occasions, when the author points out that the little prince ". He does so by enlisting the help of a poisonous snake, the same snake he met earlier in his travels.It is the story of the pilot's reconnection to his own sense of imagination and wonder.It is the story of the re-opening of the pilot's heart.In one story, the little prince recounts his realization that his lovely flower, his single prize possession, is in fact one of millions just like it.It is only after a series of new experiences that the prince comes to realize that his flower is truly special--not so much because it is a rose, as there are many, many roses--but because it is his rose.Born in 1943 in New York , The Little Prince is a worldwide Publishing Phenomenon.The Little Prince is philosophical tale, with humanist values, shared from one generation to another for more than 75 years.The pilot looks up at the stars and knows that somewhere out there, the little prince is back at home, on his own little planet, tenderly caring for his beautiful flower.He wonders about the sheep they both feared might eat it.The boy, who refers to himself as a prince, is on a quest for knowledge.The little prince asks questions of the pilot and tells the pilot of life on his own very small planet.


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