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It is of note that these same men who make money from the pelts of the massacred sea otters go on to massacre the majority of men on the island.Hunting, in this light, is only one move away from committing murder of humans.The mythic quality of the division between men and women is emphasized in her father’s story that warns against women making weapons.

Karana is seen to maintain a sense of trust, not for the Aleut men of course, but a reserved sense of belief in Tutok and more fully in her tamed wild dog, Rontu.

Although she is able to survive alone, it is only when she befriends the animals around her, and Tutok as a visitor, that she is seen to engage with the world.

After wild dogs kill Ramo, she lives alone on the island for many years until she is taken to the mainland.

The narrative focuses for the most part on how she survives during this time and also on how she comes to befriend the animals around her.

And as any small and big island in the world, they feature something unusual that deserves to be observed at least once in the lifetime.

The most popular historical sights of Fiji are situated on the major islands of the archipelago.

When Karana’s father gives his secret name to Captain Orlov, he is seen to be open and trusting of this newcomer.

This is a clear representation of how the inhabitants of the island and, more widely, native American Indians have been exploited and then massacred by those who have abused the trust given to them.

Once Karana is alone, she must necessarily make all of her own decisions and demonstrates her ability and independence all the more.

By focusing on a female sole protagonist, O’Dell is able to question the gender distinctions such as the division of labor once she is alone.


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