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SALT LAKE CITY — Intermountain Healthcare said Wednesday that 2,300 of its workers will be "switching" to a new employer called R1 RCM by April 8, a move the hospital system says will save it $70 million over three years.

The affected employees all work in "nonclinical" positions, said Intermountain Healthcare spokesman Daron Cowley.

As part of the agreement, Intermountain is granted one seat on R1's board of directors.

That seat "allows us to ensure ongoing alignment ...

On Tuesday, Intermountain Healthcare also finalized an agreement to purchase $20 million in R1 equity.

R1's total shares hold a market value of more than 4 million, according to the Nasdaq stock exchange.Intermountain announced in October that it would reorganize its reporting structure away from "geographically defined administrative regions." Intermountain CEO Dr.Marc Harrison told the Deseret News and KSL editorial boards in November that the organization was in the midst of changes designed "to disrupt ourselves …Well, the day has come where we have that technology,” Lincoln Nadauld, chief of precision health at Intermountain Healthcare, said at the press conference.Currently, Intermountain patients in Salt Lake City and St. However, the team expects to expand that to every hospital in the Intermountain Healthcare make things more affordable." Harrison was asked at the time whether Intermountain might undergo any additional shifts that could impact employees, particularly those in nonclinical positions."We will look at any number of options for any given area, and some of them will be best served internally, and some of them may not be," Harrison said then.Your voice, your expertise, and your ideas are needed, and we invite you to call, email, or connect with us with anything you think we should work on together or any questions you want to have addressed.In this edition, we are providing updates to our clinical structure, announcing physicians recently appointed to leadership roles, and providing information about a number of initiatives and projects, including Informed Consent, reducing opioid use, and People in the News.We are pleased to share the July 2018 edition of Intermountain Med Staff News, our news brief designed to keep Intermountain physicians and advanced practice clinicians (APCs) informed.Your experience and advice is very important to our collaborative efforts to make health care better for patients and for physicians and APCs.


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