The Holocaust Essay

Then it was a state by state struggle until in 2003 the U. Supreme Court decriminalized same sex relations in all 50 states.

Then the struggle continued with gaining civil rights in housing, employment, public accommodations, the military and marriage/immigration/taxation became the next goal.

Every year we win some, we lose some and we then regain some progress towards the American declaration that all men are created equal.

So the German Jews, like todays American LGBT community, stay put and hope for the day when all of their rights will be guaranteed by the government.

For the past two millenniums, when Christians and Muslims werent killing each other, they took turns in killing their Jewish neighbors, mostly in the name of their religion.

Jews have been the scapegoat of choice throughout western civilization.But what if the world had adamantly protested 5 years before Kristallnacht or if several countries had given sanctuary to the refugees on the St. Possibly the Germans would have had second thoughts about how launching their Final Solution.When I was younger I would ask myself why didnt the German Jews start leaving Germany en masse in 1933?Prior to passing the notorious 1935 Nuremberg laws, the Nazis formed the Committee to Combat Homosexuality and Abortion.They murdered the disabled, who they considered parasites not worthy of living, and treated homosexuality as a crime worthy of a capital offense.The larger question is however, how did Hitler get away with it?The Nazis started off gradually, first by de-humanizing a small fringe or defenseless elements of society.As I got older some of the answers became more evident.Firstly, where could they go when countries (like the U. Secondly, the German Jews became accustomed to the history of granting and removing civil rights for Jews ever since the French Revolution.Then they came for the Catholics, and I was a Protestant so I didn't speak up. by that time there was no one left to speak up." The Nazis first started off by killing thousands of disabled people with carbon monoxide bus rides (and later on with Zyclon B gas), followed by arrests and concentration camp internment of homosexuals, Communists, political opponents, Jehovah Witnesses and Gypsies.On the Night of the Long Knives he used homosexuality as a cover for the murder of the thugs that he no longer needed.


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