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The causes were both a pull of both international and domestic causes.These are the major reasons documented as the causes of this hard-economic time.The crash of the stock market in 1929 was one of the key causes of the Great Depression.

There were also drought conditions that largely contributed to the situation especially in Mississippi valley in 1930 that saw many people fail to pay debts and taxes.

Ideally, the Great Depression caused uproar in the United States, something that had never been experienced before or even at this present age due to foreign policies, drought, crashing of the stock market, failure of banks and low purchasing power.

The amazing story is the fact that the economy finally recovered from a contraction of that nature.

This was the worst depression of the US economy ever.

The only surviving banks were not sure of the situation and they too stopped to create other loans that led to less expenditure hence exacerbating the situation.

There was also a reduction in purchasing throughout the region and beyond.

When the stock market crashed, people from all classes could no longer buy items.

This finally led to a decrease in the production of products and ultimately a total reduction in the labor force.

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