The Grapes Of Wrath Essay Themes

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It is close to the heart of the new revelation toward which Casy moves as the story continues.Readers will note it again, for instance, when the Jehovites try unsuccessfully to convince Ma that Granma's death is a good rather than an ill; or again, in the Weedpatch camp, when Mrs.

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Sometimes a killin' man can talk the murder right out of his mouth an' not do no murder." Throughout the novel, readers should bear in mind the question: When is speech "just words" (for example, as it is in the car dealers' "hustling" talk of Chapter 7) and when does speech itself play a redeeming function?

Such frank speech counteracts the harmful speech found in the book-take as one instance the recurrent slang term "Okie"-and empowers people to take action to face their situations, whether that action be striking for just working conditions or simply moving on in search of safety. The nature of anger is also a central theme in the book.

Following the glad reunion of mother and son in Chapter 8, for instance, Ma Joad asks Tom if his time in prison has made him angry-in her words, "poisoned mad." Tom assures her that it has not, but he does show anger when he thinks about "what they done to our house." Ma urges Tom not to fight "'em" alone.

Just as all people must come to know their place in the "oversoul" of the human family, so must people recognize that all life, physical and spiritual, is holy.

For this reason, perhaps, Casy tells Uncle John repeatedly that the only "sin" is what people decide is "sin." It may also be the reason John is presented as such a tortured character: Were he able to simply acknowledge his past, both its good and its bad, rather than judge it, he might live more at peace with himself.


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