The Essay Connection By Lynn Z. Bloom

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Other Information Member of National Council of Teachers of English, Associated Writing Programs, Jesuit Council on Rhetoric and Composition, Jesuit College Media Advisors, Journalism and Women Symposium (JAWS), and Phi Beta Kappa Follow Dr. Selected Creative Publications “Spoiled Love.” Brevity 33 (Summer 2010): n.p. “Leaving Home.” Stepping on My Brother’s Head and Other Secrets Your English Professor Never Told You.

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Certainly, the classroom community is relevant, but I urge my students to think beyond the classroom, to think of the skills they learn as transferable, that is, applicable in any writing situation they encounter, both inside the university and (especially) beyond.

Ultimately, I want my students to understand that every act of writing—whether a poem, a news story, a tweet, a research paper, a biology lab report, a design project description, or a personal essay—inhabits a different set of rhetorical circumstances, some inherent, some invented.

The brief, relevant exercises at the end of each chapter will educate and inspire student writers. Though any single word or phrase or sentence might make little difference within the scope of an entire essay or book, collectively they create an impression of who you are or seem to be—an impression that’s sure to influence how readers respond to your work.

Thus it’s essential to take charge of how you come across on the page, to craft an appropriate persona for whatever you’re writing, whether it’s a personal essay, a blog, a technical report, a letter to the editor, or a memoir.

Selected National Conference Presentations “‘Can’t We All Just Get Along? “The Lyric Essay: Reading, Writing, and Teaching ‘The Beautiful Wild Child’ of Creative Nonfiction.” Creative Nonfiction Special Interest Group.

“Social Media Discourse as a Classroom Conversation Starter.” Writing Program Administrators Conference.

Good writers are good thinkers, and good thinkers are people who read widely and are engaged in the world.

For me, that means not only being tapped into what is going on in the world but also tapped into the technology that makes the world so much more accessible to us.


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