The Definitive Business Plan

Understandably, many people don’t know where to begin.

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The Definitive Business Series will ensure you get up to speed fast with all the business essentials you need to be a success.

With their guided step-by-step approach the latest practical business techniques and concepts and their easy-to-read style, The Definitive Business Series cover every aspect of the topic from the business basics to the essential skills needed to progress in your career.

This comprehensive book will ensure your business plan is robust enough to start, run or revitalise any business enterprise.

Whether your goal is raising start-up finance for a new business, requesting venture funding from a corporate parent or directing operational management, The Definitive Business Plan will help you deliver the information the decision-makers are really looking for.

That doesn’t mean you have to become a chef overnight, but definitely work across the front and back of house.

As owner of London-based restaurant Prego, Steve Cox explains, By working in a restaurant beforehand, you gain valuable insights on restaurant marketing, menu development, paying employees and much more.The success of your restaurant hinges on your planning.Before you even cook a meal for a paying customer you’re going to have to do a lot of other work – across loads of different areas like HR, design, marketing, finance and legal.Your offering will ultimately affect your pricing strategy and the customers you’ll attract.You should also think about your restaurant’s location, and this will be informed by where your target audience are and whether they’d travel.Starting a restaurant is a dream for some, who enjoy the aromas, ambience and atmosphere of the food industry.Running your own restaurant can be extremely rewarding.If you want people to part with their cash, you need a business plan that has substance.In this highly regarded book, Richard Stutely will help you make sure your plan is robust enough to start, run or revitalise any business enterprise.Think about the type of food you’ll serve, whether it’s a specific cuisine or style.Will your restaurant be fine dining, or something more casual and will you offer waiter service or self-service?


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