The Banking Concept Of Education Essay

The Banking Concept Of Education Essay-78
In view of the fact that “mock” problem-posing education does not necessitate agency on behalf of the students, then the method is, too, ineffective at facilitating consciousness that precedes reflection, which can therefore not be acted upon.Hence this method does not grant the students “liberation”, and their so-called independence is but an illusion.

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(Let it be known that for the sake of argument the ideas of “illusion” and “reality” are taken loosely to reflect the nature of different educational methods, not the nature of the ideas themselves).

On the flipside, genuine problem-posing a teacher’s authority to a level that does not obstruct the exchange of ideas.

The other is genuine dialectic, meaning the teacher poses a question with no intention of steering the dialogue towards a single answer.

Depending on the amount of experience the teacher has under their belt, they can expect a certain percentage of the possible answers, but it is the remaining percent of answers, which they had never actually considered, that they in fact take interest in.

Freire asserted, “If it is true that thought has meaning only when generated by action upon the world, the subordination of students to teachers becomes impossible” (247).

What this means is that passive “learning” thwarts true consciousness, which then means no active imagination can be produced in which action is facilitated.

Within this concept Freire calls for an equal playing field, or what one of my former teachers called “mutual humanity”: “It [problem-posing education] enables teachers and students to become Subjects of the educational process by overcoming authoritarianism and an alienating intellectualism” (253-254).

However, Freire failed to observe that incessantly within the apparatus of a classroom there is an imbalanced power structure between the teacher and the students.

Humans (as objects) have no autonomy and therefore no ability to rationalize and conceptualize knowledge at a personal level.

And because of this initial misunderstanding, the method itself is a system of oppression and control.


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