Teacher Role Model Essay

So it is very necessary for an ideal teacher to be loving and caring, then only he in turn infuses the finer quality of begetting love in the children in his charge.A loving teacher is forever remembered and loved by students, who just admire him for his fountain of love, and they start believing that there could be no one more affectionate than their teacher of the past days.Another very important quality for an ideal teacher is to be very understanding in respect of the behaviour of the children.

This is because, if, at any stage, the children come to know that their teacher does not know, he only shows that he knows, they lose all respect for him.

The teacher must know that, the children do not take much time to assess the stuff or the capacity of a teacher.

With this attitude of friendship with the children, the teacher will win the confidence and they will always discuss their problems with him and they will also take him as their confidante.

For this, the teacher has to put himself in the shoes of the children, understand their feelings, and he will be loved for this.

In turn, his wards will also learn the art of helping their younger siblings or friends in solving their problems.

With all the above mentioned qualities in a teacher, the teacher will be an ideal teacher, he will be one who will leave an indelible mark on the minds of the young children in his charge.

The students believe that their teacher is a fountain-head of all knowledge.

This belief of the children must be kept alive by the teacher which is possible, only if he continues to learn together with his teaching assignments.

The impact of a teacher can be easily felt when we see the present deterioration in the younger generation.

This is because our teachers are lacking in almost all the qualities required for an ideal teacher, and so, their wards are also lacking in all good qualities of head heart.


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