Strategies For Creative Problem Solving

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This is a very difficult thing to do but is also a very powerful way to unleash new solutions to a problem.

Empathy doesn’t mean that you necessarily agree with the other person’s point of view, it just means that you can see things from their point of view for long enough to consider new solutions that may emerge from this perspective.

If you’re a team of business people add a creative minded person or artist to your ideation team.

The trick here however is not just to add people that have a different working style than you, but also to listen to them and allow their perspective to influence the thinking and ideation process (see point 4).

In simple words, Creative Problem Solving may be defined as a problem solving technique that addresses a challenge or problem in a creative manner.

The solution is creative because it is not obvious.We all have the potential to be creative, but what most people do not realize however is that our ability to solve problems creatively, whether applied to product development, business models, brand strategy, positioning platforms or creative executions, is significantly limited by a series of natural mental biases.The way we think and the mental patterns we use to select, process and analyze information can act as barriers and hold back our creative potential. The confirmation bias: The tendency to search for or interpret information in a way that confirms one’s preconceptions.They help guide your thinking and by doing so act as a distraction from many of your limiting biases. Empathy is the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes without judging.Obviously, I believe that Positioning Roulette is the best and most rigorous framework for the development of positioning platforms and brand stories but the truth is any framework (for example the Maslow hierarchy of needs is another effective framework) will lead to better results than not using any. This “someone else” can be a consumer you are trying to convert or another team member during an ideation session.So what can we do to overcome those biases and boost our creative problem skills? Doing so will then encourage you to find tools, techniques and tricks to overcome those biases and increase your problem solving skills, some are listed below. Framing matters, so it is not a surprise to us that 10 out of the 26 Positioning-Roulette approaches to brand positioning focus on the frame of reference and re-framing the brand (that’s almost 40% of all potential approaches).Re-framing the problem or looking for solutions from various perspective (or adjacent fields) is a great way to overcome some of the mental biases that plague us.A simple way to start is to practice empathy with your significant other.You’ll find this improves not only your ability to be creative but also your relationship! Promote diversity of point of views- avoid groupthink.I believe better solutions are generated when developed by a diverse group of people.If you are an intuitive thinker add a more rationally minded person to your ideation session, even if it feels uncomfortable at first.


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