Steps To Follow To Solve A Problem

These enable near-silent flight by altering air turbulence and absorbing noise.

Nakatsu applied this design feature to the bullet train’s overhead serrations.

Sometimes you get a straightforward error message and you realize you made a simple mistake: a syntax error, forgetting to pass all the variables you need into a function, neglecting to import a package.

On the other hand, sometimes the error is totally baffling.

Residents 400 metres away could hear the sonic bangs made by earlier models entering underground tunnels.

Eiji Nakatsu, engineer and former director of the company who created the railway system, is also a bird lover.

In the world of business, economics, science or art — the act of seeing from an ‘oblique’ perspective is a commodity highly sought. It offers organic solutions to what we grapple with in our navel-gazing world view.

The natural world offers a hothouse of ready-made solutions, all we need do is distill them. Pointing the proverbial olive-branch to answer life’s mysteries.

Ask yourself the following questions (and maybe even write down the answers): I believe this practice leads to “solving” problems without fully understanding them.

That's not to say any of these resources—Stack Overflow, tutorials, any other examples you find—are bad.


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