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Simple Essay On Japan-84
contains six short stories by another set of current authors.

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No one learns an entire language from a single textbook.

There are all those juicy handouts and extra essays and research topics you will be missing out on if you aren't in a situation where you can attend classes. You're getting real essays, real stories, real Japanese, vocabulary lists, and an inside look at how other people understand Japanese.

Even if you only went through and read the notes sections, I feel like you could get a lot out of them (but why skip the fun part? I think it can also really help out if you are teaching yourself Japanese without a class or dedicated teacher.

The benefit to taking advanced classes at the college level is the wealth of material they throw at you.

They provide a solid tool for learning how to read actual Japanese, not something tailor made for your level, and the essays and stories they picked are mostly really interesting.

Once you are done you will probably be craving more, and you will already have a list of authors you like that you can choose from.Surprisingly enough, there does seem to be a lack of male voiced content when it comes to Japanese studies.As much as this book says it is for intermediate learners, I can't help but feel like it is a little more advanced than that.She has a beautiful, clear voice and the audio is nothing short of gorgeous.The only problem is that she does all of the audio.The Japanese, unlike most of the other books I have been able to find, is vertical like the original texts would be, not reformatted to be read left to right.They also include furigana for easier, faster reading.If you find that it is too difficult for your current level, pick up some simple manga or children's books first, and try again when you think you are ready.This is also one of the only resources of this type that I have found to include female authors.Oh, and you get to listen to how everything is pronounced too. If you are an intermediate or advanced student of Japanese, and especially if you are interested in translation, you should get these books.You might find them intimidating and leave them on the shelf for a few months, but someday you will get to the level where you can power your way through them.


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