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A single machine is capable of doing more work than a thousand men.An electric crane can easily lift a load of a thousand kilograms. Mc Mullen of Chicago is credited with the discovery of a method for drying sugar cane and sugar beets for transport. The essays sent in were compiled to come up with a master list of inventions that were considered to be the top 10. The “aeroplane” came in second, although it was considered important because of its potential, not because there were so many airplanes in the sky.

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Henry Ford began production of the Model T in 1908 and it was quite popular by 1913. Cars for personal transportation were an improvement on railways.

Wyman, the turbine deserved credit not only “in the utilization of steam as a prime mover” but in its use in the “generation of electricity.” 7. As a means of transportation, Dowe gives the greatest credit to “Daimler, Ford and Duryea.” Gottleib Daimler is a well-known pioneer in motor vehicles.

World's famous inventors have explored and invented things such the earlier inventions such as electricity, the wheel, penicillin etc., to the modern inventions such as the GPRS technology, the social networking, the bar code and many more.

However, the invention of electricity paved way for many inventions and for that reason it is considered an invention that changed the world (Samantha, 2008).

After tungsten replaced carbon in its filament, the lightbulb was considered “perfected.” As of 2013 they are being phased out worldwide in favor of compact fluorescent bulbs, which are four times as efficient. Bartlet, who each had a milestone on the road (pun intended) to successful automobile and bicycle tires. The bottleneck in the chain of production was composing the printing plates.

Not yet in wide use as transportation in 1913, but “To [Samuel] Langley and to the Wright brothers must be awarded the chief honors in the attainment of mechanical flight.” In 2013 the annoying aspects of commercial airline flying make transportation by horse and buggy seem a viable alternative. Charles Duryea made one of the earliest commercially successful petrol-driven vehicles, starting in 1896. “What the track has done for the locomotive, the pneumatic tire has done for the vehicle not confined to tracks.” Credit is given to John Dunlop and William C. Marconi was given the credit for making wireless “commercially practical.” Dowe also makes a comment that could apply equally to the rise of the World Wide Web, stating that wireless was “devised to meet the needs of commerce primarily, but incidentally they have contributed to social intercourse.” 10. The giant rotary press was quite capable of churning out masses of printed material.In every field of life the effect of the inventions of science can be seen.Let us see what science has done in the field of travelling.Its distribution is via the transmission grid to the small scale users (Samantha, 2008). The first use of electricity was communication whereby the telegraphs, radios and the television had electric motors that were run using electric current.In today's world, electricity is used in almost 75% of the machines.It is a well known fact that the days of the camel and bullock cart have gone.With the help of the inventions of the science, travelling has become much faster.The airplane: The Wright Flyer for military purposes, being demonstrated at Fort Myer, Va., in 1908. A huge improvement in powering ships, the more far-reaching use of this invention was to drive generators that produced electricity. Wyman gave the honor specifically to Gottleib Daimler for his 1889 engine, arguing: “a century's insistent but unsuccessful endeavor to provide a practical self-propelled car proves that the success of any type that once answered requirements would be immediate. “The moving picture has transformed the amusements of the multitude.” The technical pioneer he cited was Thomas Edison. Following are excerpts from the first- and second-prize essays, along with a statistical tally of all the entries that were sent in. Such success did come with the advent of the Daimler motor, and not before.” 4. Invention of electricity does not have a specific inventor but instead has a chain of inventors.However, Benjamin franklin is credited for discovering electricity in the 18 century.


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