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No fewer than 16 student newspapers and magazines in the United States, and a handful in other countries, ran one or more of the caricatures.

University student newspapers in the Australia are usually independent of university administration yet are connected with or run by the student representative organisation operating at the campus.

In this way readers are not inconvenienced by material they have no interest in and can personalize an information product themselves, providing added value to both themselves and the provider.

However, some believe this trend may not be the best for society, who is now faced with a public that chooses how well to be informed.

These publications report news, publish opinions of students and faculty, and may run advertisements catered to the student body.

Besides these purposes, student publications also serve as a watchdog to uncover problems at the school.

About 55 of Canada's student newspapers belong to a co-operative and newswire service called the Canadian University Press, which holds conferences, has correspondents across the country, is run democratically by its member papers, and fosters a sense of community among Canadian student journalists.

The oldest continually published student newspapers in Canada are The Varsity (1880), The Queen's Journal (1873), and The Dalhousie Gazette (1868).

One of the more notorious of these controversies involved the publication of an article which allegedly incited readers to shoplift.

The July edition of the magazine was banned by the Office of Film and Literature Classication following a campaign by conservative talkback radio hosts and other media to have the material banned.


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