Scarlet Letter Morality Essay

Metaphors and similes also abound and most of them are "fresh and effective." Dramatic irony is also present and this arises from the theme of secret sin and concealment.

One other literary device Hawthorne uses is called the "multiple choice" technique.

International Faith and Learning Seminar held at Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan, U. The Christian teacher of literature has a responsibility to mold the characters of the students in the class in preparation for life here on earth, and more importantly, for the world to come.

June 20 July 2, 1999 One objective of the study of literature is to provide students with the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the experiences of others and to make intelligent decisions concerning the positive values and attitudes they can adopt and the negative ones they should avoid.

For her disgrace has borne its fruit, and she has a child.

Scarlet Letter Morality Essay

The injured husband is at once aware that he need deal no further with the woman who has been false to him. But it is necessary for his revenge that the man too shall be punished, -- and to punish him he must know him.Holmes notes the following concerning the biblical foundation for ethics: From love God and gratitude for His mercies come the motivation and dynamics for moral living (Ethics: Approaching Moral Decisions 14).Because the Christian teacher acknowledges the Bible as the guidebook for behavior, she will want to present and discuss moral values against that background.In The Scarlet Letter, as in some of his other stories, Hawthorne seems obsessed with the effect of sin on the sinners themselves.His earliest ancestor was William Hawthorne who arrived in Massachusetts in 1630.The largeness of its theme, the imaginative genius of the author, the symmetrical design, the ordering of plot, the allegorical significance and richness of symbolism, all contribute to the effectiveness of the work.The novel is rich in the use of symbols, some of which appear in the first chapter and abound throughout the entire work.When we speak of "ethical" and "moral" values, what do we mean?Arthur Holmes explains that "ethics is about the good (that is, what values and virtues we should cultivate) and about the right (that is, what our moral duties may be) (Ethics: Approaching Moral Decisions 10).The minister dies after he confesses, and the woman is left to her solitude.(240-41) Before we consider the moral value of the work, it is worthwhile to look at the literary worth of this masterpiece of beauty and power.


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