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Swift may be more skilled than any other English satirist in the speed with which he leads readers from their comfortable absorption in the "normal truth-telling" discourse to the Projector's sudden descents into foolish (Horatian) or criminal (Juvenalian) assumptions.

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Why didn't this satire stop the exploitation of the Irish poor?

Remember Sidney's ("Defense of Poesy") assertion that "praxis" (deeds) rather than mere "gnosis" (knowing) was the true test of poetry's powers..

See #8 below for the consequences of the culture's ignorance of Swift's warning..

In this proposal, Swift has mentioned other ways to increase the prosperity of Ireland (2478).

Swift's most potent weapon against readers' indifference toward the Irish poor was his satire's rhetorical style.

All satirists take advantage of readers' willingness to believe that they are reading "normal truth-telling" unless warned otherwise, and from the title to the introductory description of the economic problem besetting the Irish, this strategy is pursued by Swift's speaker (usually called "the Projector," as in one who proposes "projects" to remedy social ills).

More used a more appealing alternative to create his utopia, a place where everyone was equal and where sharing everything solved class divisions.

Distancing the subject from England helps readers play More's game since it reduces their drive to test the utopian constructs against "reality." By contrast, Swift used the horrendous proposal of devouring children to make a statement about the society in which he lived, in effect making England and Ireland seem strange, alien places, a negation of the popular vision.

Better yet, see the real thing in Goucher's Rare Book Collection!

"For preventing the children of poor people in Ireland from being a burden to their parents or country, and for making them beneficial to the public." The essay satirically promotes the consumption of one-year-old children to eliminate the growing number of poor citizens in Ireland.


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