Safe Raiding Bf4 Assignment

Safe Raiding Bf4 Assignment-83
These boxes will be white if the map is a snow covered one and brown if on the muddier maps.

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I suggest you attempt to finish these assignments on the final stand map, as you will be running around looking at the floor like some sort of newb maniac who has never played an FPS in the pursuit of the next requirement.

Before I explain what is expected of you, I will list the assignments tasks: Phantom Prospect Assignment Score 200 kills with Assault rifles. Get a total of 300 meter headshot (meaning collectively, not a single 300m headshot)Phantom Trainee Assignment Score 200 kills with pistols Score 20 kills in a jet Get 2x Shotgun Ribbons in a round Phantom Initiate Assignment Get 200 LMG kills Get 50 kills with explosives Get 25 roadkills These assignments will unlock two camouflages, one for your gun and one for your soldier, and a dogtag, all of which need to be worn to gain entry to the Phantom Bows secret location.

Elementofprogress has been all over the Battlefield 4 game files.

Recently, he found out about the Ballistic Shield and the Desert Eagle which will be a part of the upcoming Battlefield 4 DLC called Dragon’s Teeth and now elementofprogress has dug up some new information about the DLC.

He came across the assignments which will be added to Battlefield 4 multiplayer alongside the maps, guns, gadgets and new game mode.

Keep in mind these assignments can be changed at the time of release.

This lethal little robot is armed with an LMG and four grenade launchers so we can expect this robot to cause a lot of mayhem and destruction.

Hey, do you like jumping through ever shrinking hoops of fire? This particular easter egg, however, brought about a lot more than just a dinosaurs roar, or a small reference to previous games. If you are a premium member, you qualify to unlock yourself a “Phantom Bow”; a bow and arrow, that’s right. May I remind you that Battlefield 4 is a modern game about 64 player war, with tanks… However, maybe I am not giving it the recognition it deserves.

The list of the assignments are given below: We have very little information about the weapons and gadgets which will be added to Battlefield 4 multiplayer once we download the DLC but elementofprogress came across some more information regarding the Ballistic Shield and the new robot which was rumored to be a part of the DLC.

Players wondered if the Ballistic Shield will be similar to the riot shield from Call of Duty but after reading the new information, we found out that it is very different from it.


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