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Discuss the idea of Room 101, the place where everyone meets his or her worst fear.

Keeping in mind that for most of Winston’s time at the Ministry of Love, he does not know what he will find in Room 101, what role does that uncertainty play in making Room 101 frightening?

Alasdair Donaldson, its senior policy analyst, said: “It seems that the organisation in those days was somewhat po-faced and risk-averse, and was anxious to avoid producing an essay about food in the aftermath of the hungry winter of 1945.” He added: “Over 70 years later, the British Council is delighted to make amends for its slight on perhaps the UK’s greatest political writer of the 20th century, by reproducing the original essay in full – along with the unfortunate rejection letter.” In the letter, Orwell’s editor apologises for the “stupid situation”, and describes the essay as “excellent” apart from “one or two minor criticisms”.

Commenting on the essay this week, Mr Donaldson said: “When people overseas talk about the cultural assets of the United Kingdom, its cuisine tends to come fairly low down on a list that is dominated by education, arts, science, music and more.

have been widely recognised as masterpieces, one of Orwell’s offerings failed to replicate their success. The British Council, which aims to improve knowledge and understanding between the UK and other countries, commissioned the piece in 1946 to promote Britain’s culture abroad.

Following the Second World War, Orwell was invited to write an essay about British food for overseas readers.

Look even longer, and you'll see the seasons change. RECYCLE Can the materials be made into something new?

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You will select one of three topics to focus your essay response.

You are allowed to use a dictionary, "Rules of Thumb" grammar handbook, spelling and grammar check, and scratch paper.


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