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Yes, Roman art was influenced by both Greek and Etruscan traditions, but there's a fine line between appreciation and plagiarism.Roman art represented a unique blending of Greek, Etruscan, and local Roman tastes to create a distinct artistic tradition.In terms of architecture, the Greeks set the foundations for the perfect temple: symmetrical and balanced, reflecting ideal geometric ratios.

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The Romans, like the Greeks, carved both free-standing statues and reliefs that were commonly used to decorate temples.

As one last example of Greek influence, Roman reliefs, mosaics, and paintings very commonly had Greek mythology as the central theme. Just look at the wrinkles, and lines, the bald head.

She could own and dispose of property and go about as she wished.

From epigraphy, we read that a Roman woman was valued for piety, modesty, maintenance of harmony, and being a one-man woman. Originally, kings ruled Athens; then an oligarchy (rule by the few), and then democracy (voting by the citizens).

The Romans were not the first people to create major programs for sculpture, painting, and architecture. Before the rise of Rome, the Greek cities had already developed the three orders of Classical architecture and developed some of the greatest sculpture in history.

So, it's really not surprising that the Romans found inspiration in those styles.Greeks ideally lived on small self-sufficient wheat-producing farms, but bad agricultural practices made many households incapable of feeding themselves.Big estates took over, producing wine and olive oil, which were also the chief exports of the Romans — not too surprisingly, given their shared geographical conditions and the popularity of these two necessities. The social classes of Greece and Rome changed over time, but the basic divisions of early Athens and Rome consisted of free and freedmen, slaves, foreigners, and women.Those Romans never did anything original, just tried to copy the Greeks!Well, I think it's about time that somebody stood up for the Romans.Plus, get practice tests, quizzes, and personalized coaching to help you succeed.Try it risk-free Roman art has often been criticized for being little more than a copy of other cultures.The Roman Empire split apart, and, in the West, eventually reverted to small kingdoms.As a member, you'll also get unlimited access to over 79,000 lessons in math, English, science, history, and more.It is often pointed out that the goal of the classical Greek sculptors was to produce an ideal art form, whereas the goal of Roman artists was to produce realistic portraits, often for decoration. Not all Roman art imitated the Greek forms and not all Greek art looks terribly realistic or impractical.Much Greek art adorned utilitarian objects, just as Roman art adorned the living spaces.


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