Role Of Education In Instilling Moral Values

In the US, the adoption of this education has been difficult, even though thirty-six states have laws that specifically mandate or encourage character education.According to guidelines, at least one class hour per week is set aside for moral education.Starting in the 2018 academic year, this “dotoku” (moral education) will now be a full-fledged “subject” in elementary and junior high, instead of the ungraded school “activity” it has been for many years.But in the modern American public school system, this was proving more difficult to focus on.“Parents are sending kids to school with behavioral issues when teachers would rather just teach.Schools have a primary role to play in this education.The word moral comes from a Latin root (mos, moris) and means the code or customs of a people, the social glue that defines how people live together.In the US, this term is used under the umbrella of ‘character education.’ The goal is to teach children in a way that will aid them in developing various moral, civic, mannered, non-bullying skills.This includes life skills education, moral reasoning, ethical reasoning and conflict resolution, to name a few.“ Tina said that many teachers, at elementary level, spend their time documenting bad behavior. They cannot just state that a child was belligerent.They have to write the instances: “John kicked a chair; kicked Suzy; then threatened to kick me.” Tina remembers the days when her own mother was a schoolteacher from 1963 to around 1987.


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