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Elon is less selective but with your GPA Elon would love to have you.UNC Chapel Hill is one of the best public schools to get into, but they are really harsh on out of state students.

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If you can't get into Duke, NC has some other really nice colleges you should look at.

Davidson and Wake Forest are very holistic so those leadership roles will come in handy if you want to get a free ride.

The college application process in general is kind of confusing to me Edit: Forgot to mention, I'm a Virginia resident so if Duke isn't an option other schools I'm looking at include Tech, UVA, etc.

Duke is one of the most competitive universities in the US.

Duke is VERY competitive so even with your grades, there's a good chance that Duke could reject you.

It's a stretch but I wouldn't say it's impossible.They'll know you only participated in the activity for that limited amount of time. The thing is is that I really haven't done anything outstanding other than make good grades.And I can't even say it won't hurt since it might come across to the university as in-genuine. I play some sports, and I'm running for presidency for some of our school programs. None of these are outstanding, and it probably is for the best that I go for a smaller college that will not look so closely at all of these leadership and extracurricular activities.Duke is great but I envy a high schooler that has to choose between UVA and Tech as "safety schools".Regardless of where you end up, great job during your high school career.He or she then chooses the one's she likes and then advocates for them in the admissions meetings and the officials vote.This is why everybody says that you have to be unique.What happens is that the junior admissions officers look through all the applications.Each officer gets around a thousand applications and looks through them.You say that you don't have a whole lot of leadership type roles, and that's definitely not good.Elite colleges love students with leadership roles and especially prolonged commitment to certain activities, and just trying to change that for your senior year isn't going to help all that much.


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