Rite Of Passage Sharon Olds Essay

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As earlier stated, a rite of passage is an important ceremony or a life changing event.

As earlier stated, a rite of passage is an important ceremony or a life changing event.Thus, we can infer that the poem's meaning will be important and serious.

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A turret is the part on a military tank, airplane, or ship from which guns are fired.

This cake reflects the boys hostility and violent actions.

Olds has set the tone as serious from that moment on, and it only becomes increasing so as we read on.

Most of us can easily picture a typical child's party, loud and hyper boys running about, noise and fun and screaming kids and chaos, but this party seems to be viewed differently by the mother. She sees the boys as "short men" gathering in the living room, not as children having fun.

So by acting like generals the boys feel powerful and mature.

The speaker uses Irony when she says the boys “get down to playing war, celebrating my son’s life” (26). The boys are mislead into thinking war and violence is acceptable.

The mother sees them acting like men, but in the short bodies of first graders with “smooth jaws and chins” (4).

As the competition of maturity began to escalate the mother describes them as “a room of small bankers” (11) that clear their throats frequently.

The children seems subdued to us, with "hands in pockets".

It is almost as if they are waiting, as the readers are, for something of importance to take place.


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