Review Of Related Literature And Studies About Bullying

Review Of Related Literature And Studies About Bullying-5
Their work led to the conclusion that the children involved in cyberbullying situations had weaker emotional links with their parents, a higher level of parental discipline, and a lower frequency of parental monitoring.

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However, there is a perceived need for clarifying the influence that different structural variables, parental educational styles, and parental mediation exert on the prevention and consolidation of cyberbullying perpetration and cybervictimization.Görzig and Machackova (2015) also conducted a thorough analysis of the prevalence of the phenomenon from a socio-ecological perspective, using the data from the EU Kids Online research.They managed to recognize that the following variables: Parental concerns, parental Internet use, and restrictive parental mediation, were associated with cybervictimization. (2017) analyzed the role of the parents in the prevention of cyberbullying and cybervictimization in adolescence through a systematic review until October 2016.It is a complex phenomenon involving very different variables and factors.According to the socio-ecological approach applied to bullying, several factors interact, such as individual factors and those related to family, students, peer, and community reference groups, among others.During this brief period of time, the number of publications on family variables and cyberbullying, both perpetration and victimization, has significantly increased.We eventually reviewed 34 studies which rigorously met the selection criteria of our research.Introduction Educators attempt to provide safe, nurturing environments where students can thrive.Any disturbance to this climate can have negative affects on students’ educational performances. Unfortunately, physical and verbal abuse are nothing new in the school setting, however, the rise of technology in our country has created a new setting for bullies to target their victims.Campfield’s study also revealed that 57% of students who identified themselves as traditional victims took on the cyberbully role as well (2006).In recent years, the number of studies conducted on the influence of family variables on cyberbullying perpetration and victimization has increased, especially in terms of relational family processes.


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