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Try to provide as much advance notice as possible when going out of town or taking days off.Let your boss plan for this as much as possible and of course, only take sick days when really needed.

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There will come a time when something happens and you need to confront your boss.

I think we all one day get to that point in our early careers. You can’t have a new bone to pick with your boss every day.

I started an internship program at my company, Intern Queen Inc, in 2009.

At this point, I’ve gone through several cycles of interns and I’m still in touch with a lot of them. Here are some tips on handling your relationship with your boss: Your relationship with your boss today isn’t necessarily going to be the relationship you have with your boss a few years from now. When you work for someone the relationship is always going to be intensified.

When you are a consistent face that your boss sees in the morning and can rely on to be there already running the show that is a great thing.

It will also give you time to prepare for what the day brings.Leaving before your boss doesn’t set a great precedent.Just sit tight, get organized, and work on tomorrow’s to-do list or work pile.I’m frequently responsible for evaluations, recommendations, writing letters, or making calls on their behalf. Eventually, you will both move on and the relationship will develop accordingly.Do your best and don’t get too hung up on what the relationship will look like five years from now.It’s okay to follow your boss on Twitter as it’s not as intimate a network as Facebook.It’s also okay for you to follow them on Instagram if their profile is public.I would wait a good six months before requesting them as a Linked In contact.And just be careful: You would like to avoid a situation where you’re supposed to take work home over the weekend, you forget to do it, and your boss sees photos of you and your friends getting wasted at the Malibu Winery all weekend. Think about what you can do to make your boss look great.Successful executives need reliable consistent people who aren’t going to take advantage of their time.One of our former ambassadors, Dalida, who now works at Find (a Thomson Reuters company), says, “For me, one of the hardest parts of my first job was understanding everyone’s communication style.


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