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In order to do it properly, results of various studies will be analyzed.In the end recommendation on the choice of appropriate pay scheme will be offered and overall conclusions will be drawn to finally answer the initial question.In addition, they have a clear understanding of exactly how the work must be done, and the sense that they do it well.

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First of all, let me describe advantages for employees (Rynes, Gerhart and Parks, 2005): 1) career boost: if effectively implemented, employees with the help of PRP can effectively monitor their own performance and further their careers.

For those who perform well it is also possible to back their words up and prove that they deserve bonus or salary increase.

Ability of reward system to encourage and satisfy the employee depends on the structure of the system and the degree of realization of it.

Different companies have developed many different systems and practical ways to reward and effectively stimulate employees to achieve satisfaction of each worker.

Studies have shown that although most managers proclaim their commitment to “pay for performance” system, in practice they reward the employee work in accordance with his experience and time spent at work, rather than on the characteristics of the results achieved.

Theoretically, an organization must achieve a unique interdependence between what and how an employee works and what reward he receives.First of all, in this way it is convenient to identify the company’s problems of underperformance and reward achievements.It is thought that in this way employees will become motivated towards better results and achievement of company’s targets.Reward is a motivating factor when it is directly connected with the results of the work performed.Employees must be convinced of the strong association between receiving financial reward and productivity of their work.PRP schemes usually vary on the basis of different criteria, such as the area in which business works, the size of the company, different approaches to the choice of employees, etc.Still, it is possible to distinguish the following common features, which are characteristic practically of all the PRP schemes: , it is also necessary to understand the main reasons driving employers when they decide to implement such schemes into their practice.Introduction This paper is aimed at understanding whether performance-related pay can lead to improvement in employee’s performance and job satisfaction.In order to answer this question, it is first of all necessary to research the nature of this payment system, analyze the reasons why employers choose it for their organizations.In both cases there are certain advantages and disadvantages.PRP has benefits in multiple fields both for employees and employers.


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